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Hazelnut Milk

Got lemons? Make lemonade… Got Nuts? Let’s make nut milk!

You can quite literally make plant-based milk from most wholefoods, perhaps not lemons, but rice, soy beans, seeds, nuts and oats, the list goes on for dairy milk alternatives, how good they taste is for you to decide, I however like to experiment with these alternatives.

So far, I have made coconut milk, hemp, cashew, almond (my absolute favourite) and now HAZELNUT.

Hazelnut milk has an incredibly soft and subtle flavour, however you can enhance it’s earthy nutty flavours this by adding natural hazelnut essence, sweetening your milk with a date or try adding natural cacao to create a drinkable Nutella like drink. Your ratio of water to soaked hazelnuts will determine how creamy the milk consistency is. Here I use 1 cup of hazelnuts to 750ml of filtered water, so the ratio is around 15:1


1 cup of hazelnuts

750ml Filtered water

Pinch of pink rock salt


Soak hazelnuts for 12 hours, then rinse with cold filtered or tap water, blitz up in a blender along with the water and rock salt. PRO TIP: By slowly adding water as you blend you can achieve your desired consistency – thick and creamy or light and smooth.

Pour the milk through a nut milk bag or fine mesh strainer and press the hazelnut meal through the sieve and squeeze out as much liquid as you can. This should leave you with 750ml of Hazelnut milk and around 50g of hazelnut meal which you can toast in the oven adding a pinch of rock salt to draw out the moisture, when the hazelnut meal looks dry and crispy, store away in an air tight container for up to a month.

Add your sweetness if desired, then bottle up and store your milk in an air tight lid jug, in the fridge, this will last around 4 days.

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