No Split Almond milk

No Split Almond milk  

Only 3 ingredients!

Almond milk is a fantastic animal/soy milk substitute and when made correctly it makes a beautiful addition to any drink, I add this homemade fresh almond milk to my morning chai, hot chocolate, coffee, black teas and pancake recipes. 

Personally I think Almond milk coffee is the S#*t, however walk into many barista coffee cafes and you will find many places use a highly processed nut milk with heaps of oils, sugars, emphasisers, stabilisers blah, blah, blah, basically in my opinion if you cant buy the ingredients listed on the packaging in the local supermarket then its pretty much been formulated in a laboratory to make the taste ‘better’ and the overall products shelf life longer. Food is supposed to rot and spoil, thats what makes it NATURAL. This recipe is exactly that, natural fresh creamy almond milk, totally innocent. 


850ml Filtered water

X1 cup raw pesticide free almonds

Pinch pink rock salt


Depending on how creamy you want your almond milk you can increase the percentage of almond nut ratio to water. I use 13% Almonds and the remainder is 87% filtered water, with a crack of rock salt.

TIP: When buying shop bought almond milk check the almond percentage, anything below 5% is less than a handful of almonds per total volume. Ask yourself what your paying for? 

– SOAK the almonds in water for 12-16 hours, until they’ve swelled, looking nice and plump!

– Drain the almonds into a sieve and rinse. 

  • Pour almonds into a blender and add half of your filtered water and a pinch of pink rock salt.
  • Blitz up until the milk looks creamy and smooth
  • Pour milk from blender into a milk milk strainer bag 

TIP: You can use muslin cloth or a general fine mesh strainer to strain the milk out of the almond meal.

  • Strain out as much of the liquid as you can, then add the remaining filtered water – if you want to thin out the milk as its too thick, continue to add more water until you reach the consistency you like. 
  • OPTIONAL: if you want to make a sweetened milk you can add a date drop it into the milk and let it soak into the milk or you can blend it into the initial mix, otherwise, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, vanilla extract all make great sweetener’s 
  • Place in a fridge to preserve for up to 5 days.
  • Left over you will have almond meal, this nut keeps on giving! I place this in a shallow baking dish and toast for 15mins to dry out, then you can seal into an airtight container and use for baking and cooking at a later date – this will keep for up to a month. 
  • WARNING: when left in the fridge, the almonds will seperate away from the water, this is completely natural and it will resume its creamy consistency once you give It a vigorous shake. 
  • TIP: When heating your milk to add to a drink its so important you DO NOT boil the milk, steaming is fine as long as you keep the temperature below 80’c – when boiled or steamed at high temps almond milk will split in any drink. Heat it like you’re giving it a warm bath and it will stay creamy in you beverage. 

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