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Gingerbread Pancakes

Pumpkin spice, gingerbread, chai, cinnamon swirl, you name it, if its naturally flavoured with any sweet spice I’m ALL over it! A gingerbread stack of pancakes has been on my bake list for quite sometime and even though the ‘Autumn season’ has officially ended here in sunny Australia, I aim to continue it on throughout the year. Here I have whipped up a tasty stack of gingerbread pancakes which contain 100% pure naturalness, topped with oak barrelled maple syrup and activated nuts and seeds, the flavours in these pancakes are subtle and warming. SO, SO good in my opinion. If you like the taste of gingerbread cookies, these pancakes should hit the spot, they certainly did for me. 


Makes around 4 pancakes

X2 tbsp of Cavassa Flour

x 1 tbsp of almond meal

x 1 tbsp coconut flour

x 1 tsp baking powder

x 1tsp vanilla extract

X2 pasture raised eggs

x2 tsp ground Ginger

x1 tsp ground cinnamon

x1/2 tsp ground all spice

x 1/2 cup of fresh almond milk

x1 tbsp water

X1 small fresh or frozen banana or half a large banana 

Pinch of pink rock salt


Start by adding ALL pancake ingredients into a food processor, blitz up until smooth and gloopy.

Heat a frying pan with coconut oil on a medium heat and tilt pan so oil spreads evenly around the pan.

Using a ladle or tablespoon scoop and pour the runny mixture into the pan so it forms a small circle in the middle, when you see air bubbles start to rise up through the pancake this is the all go to start flipping! Ensure you have a quality spatular that can easily slide under the pancake so you achieve a successful flip each time. 

Each pancake should require around 2 mins frying time each side. 

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