This page is essentially my ultimate ‘urban list’ for healthy meals. Restaurants, cafes, places I’ve eaten over seas, an all rounder of healthy food spots that if you ever find your in the area are a MUST to check out.   

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Egg of the Universe – Sydney, Rozelle

This quaint little cafe hidden at the back of a yoga studio in a small garden, centred by a beautiful overhanging tree, entwined with fairy lights is any health and wellness gurus sanctuary. Here you will find locally sourced ingredients, organic, seasonal and pesticide free.

Everything on the menu here is a winner. My ultimate favourite is the pork shoulder and sweet potato mash, this is slow cooked pasture raised pork with a sweet potato and onion hash, poached egg, seasonal slaw, fermented saurekraught and BBQ sauce, yeah I’m drooling too just thinking about it. 

This meal is GF & DF.

Orchard – Sydney, Bondi road, Bondi/Oxford street, Paddington

Whats not to like when everything you pick up looks like is been handmade by fairies! Orchard transform all foods to look like beautiful healthy masterpieces, whether is a beetroot and spinach wrap or a raspberry and coconut yoghurt, everything has been prepared and crafted with love. The desserts not only look incredible but they taste incredible too.

Here, I had a lavender and vanilla heart shaped RAW cheesecake, honestly when I ordered it, I didn’t really care for the flavour it was more the fact that is was so PRETTY! However the flavour did not disappoint, it was creamy, sweet and delightfully flavoursome. 

My friend had a chocolate mint cream cheesecake which she explained was ‘heavenly’ so I believe its safe to say this small, boutique, enchanted style cafe is the one for healthy delicious treats. 

This cafe is completely VEGAN/PALEO 

Kawa cafe – Sydney, Surry Hills

Salad for Breakfast? Not everyones ideal, but Kawa cafe does it very VERY well. This is the GO GREEN breakfast bowl, It comes with a poached egg and you can add a side of bacon if your wanting to add some additional protein. 

The salad bowl consists of shredded greens such as broccoli, kale, spinach, apple, avocado, pistachios – ALL THE GREENS, plus quinoa, chill flakes and a wedge of lemon. Just what you need to start your day right. 

This meal is definitely worth a trip over to the ‘coolest’ suburb – king of brekky eats – Surry Hills – Crown Street

Lox stock and Barrel – Sydney, Bondi

If your looking for a bowl of gut lovin goodness then I think this might be the king of Sydney wellness bowls. 

Lox stock and barrel, provide a large variety of foods, catering for all foodies, whatever your preference and dietary type. 

The ‘Bowlarama’ contains all the things! Sprouted quinoa toast, poached eggs, kale, avocado, humous, seaweed, homemade fermented veggies, mixed nuts and a miso dressing. 

This is a must to check out if you love all the healthy goodness and quality produce. 

Ora Cafe – Sydney, Manly, Whistler Street

I was recommended this cafe by a friend who is also a keen health, foodie, fanatic and I have to say its quickly become one of my favourite spots. The cafe is very dedicated toward overall heath and wellness, so even if you go in for a coffee you only have to stare up at the wall to be educated on sustainability, fermentation, sprouting, nourishing your body with the foods you eat as well as many other useful and knowledgeable facts. The cafe is 100% made with love, the staff really care about what they do and its truely enlightening to eat at a cafe where your best interests are really taken into consideration. 

I pretty much love EVERYTHING here, but if I had to choose 1 drink, 1 meal and 1 dessert, I would have to go for the cashew ‘coco latte’ to drink – This ultra creamy cashew milk, a shot of espresso, with a dash of coconut nectar is almost a dessert of its own with coffee included! Its truly an all rounder, the homemade cashew milk is so fresh and the coconut nectar gives the drink a very subtle sweetness. Delicious! 

For the main meal I think id have to go with the ‘Ora bowl’ This Is a bowl of Greens with vegetables, seeds, ferments, dips and avocado. Ora serve a range of incredible salads, but this one is pretty much my go to on a regular basis, its so hard to choose other meals from the menu when you know this one is SO GOOD! So many flavours in one bowl and you feel pretty good with yourself when you leave, as the ingredients are all locally grown and prepared fresh, on the plus this bowl is pretty filling, but not so much that you cant squeeze in a dessert, leading me to the Kumera Brownies – yep theres a root vegetable hiding in these delightfully moist, chocolaty squares of heaven, not to mention the portion sizes are incredible! One brownie is about the size of my hand!

So all in all this cafe to me is probably the best ‘health’ cafe in Sydney that I have yet to come across. As mentioned all ingredients are organic, grown and raised ethically and have the environment in mind when being produced – you’ll find no plastic here! You’ll definitely taste the difference in the food, which for me is always worth the visit.

Orgasmic falafel – New South Wales, Byron bay, Bay lane

Well I guess you could say all the answers to this eatery are in the restaurant name! Does it actually live up to its title? In my opinion, yes, yes it does. 

If I’m ever in Byron, I will be sure to hit up this Mediterranean joint. 

I order the Falafel plate which contains, Authentic falafel balls, fresh homemade hummus, salsa, tomato and cucumber salad, cabbage, pickles, sauerkraut and tahini.

This meal just blows me away, its authentic middle eastern tastes are incredible and one plate to yourself and you’ll be stuffed. 

Its not organic or 10 out of 10 healthy but its the kind of food that warms you soul and makes your taste buds sing!

Raw and Wild cafe and Market – Sydney, Bowral, Bong bong street

Not a cafe I get to visit much as its so far from me but given the opportunity I would travel to this cafe just for the chai alone. The homemade almond milk and Indian chai combined with locally sourced organic honey is the bomb! Never in my life have I had such great tasting chai in Sydney. On the rare occasion I do visit I order a large because I never want it to end! The chai Is brewed for hours making the flavours intense and along with the fresh almond milk is incredibly creamy. 

To eat I go for the Sweet potato Fritters with avocado and crispy bacon, pasture raised poached eggs and a satay sauce – This breakfast plate is absolutely delicious and I would happily eat this every day for breakfast. 

The cafe itself is naturally bright and spacious with an organic whole foods supermarket at the front, so on your way out you can pick up some locally sourced produce. 

Little bird organics – Aukland, Ponsonby

When on holiday in the area, I looked up the top Aukland cafes to eat at and ‘Little bird organics’ was one of them, the ‘Un Bakery’ features as one of the metros top cafes and has been awarded the best of the best for best raw cafe. I made plans to try it out, dragging my mother with me, whom is not the staple healthy type, she questioned it but when she saw there were pancakes on the menu, she was in. 

I had a sweet potato fritter with Korean kimchi and an asian salad whilst mum had the coconut pancakes with maple glazed bananas. I love the concept of this cafe, the food and cafe itself are stunning, this is another cafe that you can see has created its success just purely from the love of quality food and sharing wellness through the beauty of there dishes. 

Everything in this cafe is locally sourced, handmade, fresh and sustainable. 

If you are ever in the area, do pop in and check out the menu. 

FOUR ATE FIVE – Sydney, Surry Hills

As I’ve mentioned in earlier reviews of my most delicious encounters, it has to be said that Surry Hills is high on the foodies favourites list for quirky places to eat. I love the hidden gems you can find around any corner, back alley way, converted garage or along a local neighbourhood street, every road and bend is a new and exciting dining experience.

Supporting local businesses is not only good for the economy but it’s quite frankly the best out there. Sydney Booms from the abundant food culture as many creative people with a passion for food, flavour and quality produce can succeed in running a cafe/restaurant that you and I may plan our weekends, lunch and coffee breaks around to line up, dine in and take away on the regular, WHY? Because of the LOVE that’s created in the baristas coffee to give you the best caffeinated experience, through the the inventive menus the chefs design so we the customers have a wide variety of meals, your standard avocado on toast will never be the same wherever you go because every single cafe will have there own unique style. Bringing me back to this glorious place FOUR ATE FIVE, the OG, the cafe for me that turned my perception of breakfast and eating out into what it is today – a delicious weekly food adventure! 

Alright, so what’s the go to here? Well as you may have noticed from previous posts I tend to pick out the ‘healthiest’ meals on the menu and here my favourite is the 485 BREAKFAST PLATE

Falafel, boiled egg, eggplant & red pepper baba ganoush, israeli pickles, chopped salad, labnah, pipelchuma (chilli), marinated olives

This dish is so beautiful, the colours on the plate are so vibrant and vivid, the flavours of this middle eastern meal are incredible with so much variety, not to mention a good gut loving meal with many fermented veggies. 

Four Ate Five are renown for there quality single origin coffee so whatever you choose to drink, it will be hand crafted and beautifully made with the natural flavours drawn out to enhance your caffeinated experience. Not into coffee thats totally fine, what with an abundant list of other fresh teas, smoothies and juices, theres so much to choose from, I actually had a snickers milk shake when I came here for the first time and my friend had the Nutella shake. I think I’ll just leave the mental imagery there and let you decide what they may taste like…..

Thrive – Sydney

Thrive is one of the best healthy eating chains that’s cropping up around Sydney, you can choose for a healthy variety of meals, smoothies and snacks or can create your own if you’re feeling creative or have specific dietary requirements, I highly recommend Thrive as your go to place for breakfast, lunch and or dinner.

Here, I created my own bowl – poached chicken, sweet potato, broccoli and purple carrot, then I added avocado, kale and a hard-boiled egg myself.

Check out their website as they also provide meal deliveries so a potential if you really don’t have the time or want to prioritise cooking or meal prepping in the week.

Bare Naked Bowls – Sydney, Manly Beach

Bare Naked bowls started as a small independent cafe in Manly that has grown and grown over the years. It’s beautiful picture perfect smoothie bowls are delicious and so healthy! With so many options from vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and now serving super salad bowls this little gem is a great breakfast and lunch spot if your looking for something refreshing.

Pressed Juices – Sydney

Much more than juice.

Pressed Juices specialises in gut loving, immunity booting raw juices, but they also do so much more and many of these additional extras, I am in love with. Whilst the drinks are not the cheapest in the world they certainly are an investment in your bodies health. “Pressed Juices exists to deliver the uplifting and healing powers of raw, cold pressed juice to you through the most efficient and convenient means possible”

All foods are gluten/dairy free and vegetarian.

If you’re ever near a store my total favourite take aways is the flaxseed banana bread and the chocolate almond nut Mylk OR the black lemonade detox water and the coconut, passion fruit and raspberry yoghurt, which comes in a delightful Re-useable glass jar.

As mentioned this is not the cheapest ‘foodery’ out there, but it is nice at times to treat yourself to some luxury health foods. Go check this place out.

Rough and Bare – Sydney, st Leonards

Where to start with this positively contributing cafe/resteraunt…..?!

Rough and Bare is a cafe that implements only the good in this world by cooking up honest and innocent food that not only promotes healthy eating but also a healthy lifestyle. They refuse to sell and use refined processed sugar, vegetables oils, any products containing gluten and SOY. They stand strongly by there ethics and quite frankly, I respect that. Rough and Bare only sell organic grass fed and finished meats, free range chicken and wild caught fish, they work very closely with there farmers to ensure the best quality produce comes from the field to your plate, they educate customers on what REAL food is and how you can best nourish your body. How many cafes can you honestly see around you that are contributing positive change to the world and the people in it?

Considering the fact that all ingredients are thoughtfully selected and handcrafted in the kitchen with the customers health in mind the menu here is very much affordable. Any cafe that sells unprocessed FRESH almond milk in my books is a legend and a regular go to. Do you know how hard this is to find?!

Anyways, enough about how great there philosophy is, hows the food?

Not my best photo food bomb (as seen above) BUT the salads here are AMAZING! This one above is the BREAKFAST BOWL – Baby kale, mixed cress, carrot, cabbage, quinoa, kraut, avocado, fermented cashew cheese, house seed cracker, apple cider vinaigrette & poached pastured eggs.

Not into salads have the LAMB SHOULDER – Lamb terrine, sweet potato hummus, rainbow chard, broccolini, red wine, rosemary & anchovy oil. This is to die for!!!!

I can only hope one day I will open a cafe of my own with the same success and ethics as this healthy joint – if you’re looking to fuel your body with quality nutrition and learn about what your eating, check this place out.

Single O coffee roasters – Sydney, Surry Hills

Behold the ‘MOTHERSHIP BOWL’ poached eggs, avo, marinated mushroom, mustard cauliflower, smoked pumpkin & almond cheese, chard, fermented cabbage, grains, saltbush, and macadamia. Along with a speciality handmade coffee or to quote single O ” A painstaking well made coffee” you’ll be sure to get something good at this great tucked away urban gem.

Piccolo’s – Sydney, Rozelle

Conveniently named Piccolo’s the cafe itself in my opinion, sells THE BEST piccolo’s. For quality coffee this place is worth a trip across the harbour to satiate your caffeine needs.

Blackwood pantry – Sydney, Cronulla

This was a dedicated day trip from Paddington to Cronulla, if you’re not a Sydney local you must know this is over an hours commute to the beautiful beaches of south Sydney. Blackwood Pantry is a popular hit as locals and tourist flock outside, awaiting a table to dine in this stunning cafe that serves a high quality menu. Whether you’re looking for standard eggs on toast, they have it, or potentially something different like octopus, swordfish or beef ribs they have that too!

I had a mixed vegetable and roasted pumpkin salad that contained a delicious nutty humus, I ordered this with poached eggs and a delicious fresh almond chai, perhaps you can also spot a cheeky piccolo hiding behind my food also – sometimes my stomach gets the better of me. I truly wish this cafe was closer to me as I would definitely become a regular customer, if you’re heading to the south of Sydney for a day trip or a hike, make sure you swing by Blackwood Pantry.

Chatei Hatou – Japan, Shabuya

Imagine a place thats old, musty, dark, gloomy and like time has stood still since 1920, that is my interpretation of what you have here in this quaint, enchanting cafe located in Japan. I was recommended this coffee room by a friend and I must say I was above and beyond impressed.

Kazuya Terashima is the GOD FATHER of tea and coffee. You will pay a premium price for coffee here but when you see how its made you will understand and appreciate why. When you first step inside this coffee room the first thing you will notice is the silence, no one speaks unless spoken to, only conscious thoughts are present in this cafe, the waitresses and the customers all move calmly and peacefully, its like stepping into a sanctuary. There is a wall filled with beautiful teapots and cups, when you order your drink Kazuya Terashima looks at you and selects a cup that best suits you – This is a very exciting moment. Whatever eccentric cup you might favour or desire on the wall may not be the cup that is destined for you, you must await your fate when your drink is served. It is said that when you return to Chatei Hatou you will be given the same tea cup on EVERY visit as Kazuya will remember exactly which is cup is yours. One day when I return I will let you know if this is true.

This coffee shop is famous for its slow drip coffee and bespoke coffee making practices. The coffee is a beautiful taste and aroma, soft, like a floral tea due to the extraction process. Dining here is an experience you will never forget and the quality in the produce is only to be admired and respected as great care and attention has been taken to give you the best possible dining experience.

This is an incredible hidden gem.

Concrete Jungle – Sydney, Chippendale

Once again, I have found another little sweet spot In the city that serves a quality nourish bowl! This salad bowl from Concrete Jungle in Chippendale did not disappoint. On the menu it was labelled as the ‘summer salad bowl’ despite it being nearly winter I did initially question if it would be seasonal veggies and it delightfully was. Served with a quinoa grain base, it contained a rich creamy chickpea hummus, spiced falafel, Lebanese cucumber, avocado, kale, cherry tomatoes, lime, radish and a sweet and tangy turmeric and tahini sauce. I would definitely recommend hitting this café up if you like great tasting, well presented food.

Pure whole foods – Sydney, Manly Beach

It’s all in the name here in manly at pure whole foods, If a delicious healthy fix is what you’re looking for along the water front, pure whole foods is another great cafe to hit up for meals made with your best interests in mind. Note that this is a vegetarian restaurant so you won’t find any form of animal protein here, only plant based goodness! 

Here I have some rather tasty coconut pancakes with passion fruit, seasonal berries and fresh coconut yoghurt. Pure whole foods have an impressive menu full of variety, there is plenty of honest goodness to suit everyone. 

Earthy eats – Tasmania, Launceston

This sweet little cafe tucked away in the beautiful city of Launceston is a quality gem, I’m all for cafes that promote sustainability and a positive contribution. Selling only free range pasture raised eggs, grass fed meat, locally grown organic produce and even a community seed shelf, where you can bring in your own and take seeds contributed from the locals to plant and expand natural produce, encouraging organic natural growth in suburban areas and supporting pollination for bees and flowers. 

If this isn’t already a clear winner for promoting sustainability, food here is also pretty darn good. Here I have a Moroccan quinoa curry, this was a special and absolutely warmed my socks off, as it’s literally a bowl of spiced goodness. I added the grass fed pulled lamb and a free range egg, however the meal consists of Moroccan spices, cashew, coconut, sweet potato and quinoa, served with house humus, Dukkah, sauerkraut and micro greens. Full of nutritious goodness to fuel your day. 

Ouroboros Wholefoods cafe – Sydney, Surry Hills

Priding themselves on fresh and locally sourced produce Ouroboros serve high quality meals with friendly customer service. 

This little beauty is the ‘Paleo bowl’ The bowl includes poached eggs, tomato, avocado, mushrooms and quinoa – I’m a little confused why they’ve place quinoa in this paleo bowl as grains are not part of the paleo diet, however, If you don’t have an issue with quinoa, you should enjoy this bowl just as well. I added house made sauerkraut, but given the abundant list of epic healthy sides, you could really pack this bowl out to be a quality meal. 

Health Nuts – Sydney, Kings Cross

This sneaky little underground cafe in Kings Cross is a health and wellness gurus heaven! Upstairs is a drink station where you can grab yourself MCT oil or bullet proof coffee along with a whole heap of smoothie and juice options. Downstairs is a beautifully vibrant café and whole foods store, Health Nuts sell all natural skin care and cleaning products along with many pantry items such as granola, baking goods, plant based protein and supplements, farm fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, you name it they have it. The vegetarian café is amongst the whole foods store and the menu is fantastic if you are looking for a meat free healthy meal, I highly recommend this paleo breakfast that contains a toasted paleo bun roasted sweet potato, sprouted lentils, sautéed button mushrooms, fresh spinach and organic free range eggs all cooked in coconut oil and dressed with turmeric, sunflower mayonnaise. I have also brought crystals, cook books, keep cups and other useful sustainable products here. If you’re ever passing from the train station, I would highly recommend popping in and checking this place out.

The Fine food store – Sydney, The Rocks

Along with great coffee, this tucked away café down the back streets of the rocks/Sydney, serves up some pretty tasty meals, I took my mum here when she was over visiting after we had strolled around the markets. This is Grain free granola, mixed berries and fresh coconut yoghurt is a total winner for me. Surprisingly filling too as the quality satiating fats in this natural bowl will have you full for hours. This meal is under the breakfast menu as Paleo raw, gluten free museli – try – it – out! 

Dolice Terra -Sydney, Manly Beach

If a quick healthy to go meal is what you’re looking for, or you have time to sit around and enjoy your meals, Dolice Terra has a fantastic range of healthy salads and meats to choose from, essentially a build your own style salad bar but not the mass produced, multi chain type, because this restaurant/café, serves all the goodness with love. I selected a couscous filled red pepper, tahini sprouts, quiche, kale salad with cranberries, mixed seeds and toasted almonds for my topping, then headed down to the beach, to sit and enjoy. Manly in Sydney Australia is a beautiful beach spot so why not sit and appreciate all of this with some quality beautiful food.

Bespoke Kitchen – Queenstown, New Zealand

When visiting the beautiful city of Queenstown, I immediately started researching the best eateries and BESPOKE KITCHEN was suggested one of the best. Cooking and creating high quality meals catered to all meant this cafe was a great find for myself and my mum and dad, my dad is a pretty fussy eater so when he saw pancakes on the menu, he was sold.

We ate out at the bespoke kitchen around 3-4 times out of our 5 day trip and each day I would order something different from the menu, however here shown in the photos above are my absolute favourites. LEFT: Vanilla, Maple pancakes, with coconut whip, seasonal stewed apple and fresh strawberries. MIDDLE: Freshly ground long black coffee. RIGHT: Paleo Loaf – ordered as a take away for lunch, this paleo loaf was quite possibly more delicious than the pancakes.

If your in the area, check out the menu in the website In the link above, this cafe is highly recommended and well worth a visit.

Sub station – Sydney, Alexandria

Located in an old fire station this café has one little goodness bowl that I really love – The power station salad served with quinoa, a chunky wedge of pumpkin, shaved beetroot and carrot, avocado, chickpeas and a whole heap of roasted veggies with the option to add poached eggs, I really like coming here after I’ve arrived back to Sydney from a flight as its on the way home from the airport. On a plus the café tends to have firemen from the new fire station down the road dipping in and out for coffee, so if not visiting for the food the eye candy is pretty good too!

The Wooden whisk – Sydney, st Leonards

A local café that has a menu full of delicious meals, eating at the wooden whisk can be frustrating when you are presented with so many delicious options. I’ve eaten here a few times as the set menu and the specials are always a win. In the photo above, I have The warm braised lamb shoulder salad, Brussel sprouts ,cauliflower, pumpkin, pistachio, pomegranate, mint and tahini yoghurt. Then in the next photo I have a very delicious ‘Raw, lean and green salad bowl’ Kale, broccoli, asparagus, feta, avocado, pistachio, poached egg, tahini.
Literally right next door to Rough and Bare, this square in St. Leonards is a quality foodie spot.

Ruby Lane – Sydney, Manly

Ruby Lane is yet another health foodie’s savour as the cafe itself not only hosts seminars on healthy eating, sustainable living, wellness and many other interesting topics, step inside and you will find a bespoke market of quality whole foods from organic nuts, to kind to your body beauty products – Ruby Lane has it all. The menu here is also pretty clean, you won’t find any harmful cooking oils or anything processed. Everything if fresh, local and ethically approved.

Sadly no longer on the menu, as shown above to the left I have the Paleo breakfast bowl. This delicious creation is house made paleo bread, with a pasture raised egg, sauerkraut, avocado, Lebanese cucumbers, roasted tomato, coconut fried kale, garnished with mixed nuts and seeds. Creating your own goodness bowl is always welcomed here with super helpful staff to give you a descriptive breakdown of each and every meal and how it will support your bodies natural functions.

Check out the menu you in the link above as there are so many options for everyone.

The Press shop – Sydney, Bowral

Quite possibly THE MOST BEAUTIFUL cafe I think I’ve ever been to, The Press shop in Bowral is an absolute delight. With single origin coffee and a fresh, wholesome menu, this place is worth the Sunday morning wait as you certainly won’t be disappointed by the quality in produce.

What the Press shop have to say;

“The Press Shop Cafe is located behind a stunning blue curved door on the main street of Bowral in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.

Housed within the flagship store of the world famous and locally owned Bespoke Letterpress, The Press Shop combines our love of fine stationery, with specialty coffee, wonderful service, and an incredibly delicious menu.

We proudly serve Cultivar by 7 Miles Coffee Roasters which is made to perfection by our leading team of baristas who have fast gained the reputation for the best coffee in The Highlands. Our teas are handcrafted by the fab team at Little Wilding Tea Co and served with love by our energised café team.

Our talented Kitchen team headed up by Head Chef Nathan West strives to produce an ever evolving fresh, seasonal and exciting menu that is 100% sourced by local Southern Highlands small batch producers, who work sustainably and organically producing the finest produce available”

Flannerys organic health food store: Sydney,

Just look at those colours! I didn’t intentionally head into Flannery’s for food but when walking past the fresh food buffet, I couldn’t help myself – Honey roasted carrots, rainbow turmeric salad, purple potato, activated nuts and seeds and all for less than $12?! Hell yes! healthy has never been more affordable!

Flannery’s have a wide variety of fresh foods, whole foods, pantry shelf items along with your everyday household cleaning and beauty products – It’s a great all round store to hit up if you want to pick up everything you need in one place.

The fresh food menu changes seasonally and weekly, so theres always plenty of variety. Plus there a cafe too – check out the paleo banana bread, you will not regret it!

COOH – Sydney, Alxandria

Located in the industrial part of Alexandria, COOH brings a delightfully ‘wholesome’ food philosophy to the table. The menu is catered to all with an abundance of food choices from vegan to gluten free, dairy free, with all ingredients locally sourced, everything is fresh and non processed – even the nut milks are fresh and if yo know me, you will know that makes me very happy 🙂

Here I have the VEGGIE BOWL (gf) (df) Ethical free range poached eggs, kale, avocado, roast sweet potato, turmeric sauerkraut, seed crisp & dairy free pesto – YUM! Sneakily tucked away at the back there is my coffee, a different kind of coffee, one I saw on the menu and thought hmmm, lets give that a go, Thinking, this will either be vile or totally delicious. On this morning I drank a Peanut Butter Latte with coconut milk. At first sip I was taken over by the sweetness and honestly thought to myself, WOW so sweet! Once I had a few more sips and my taste buds adjusted, I actually started to enjoy it and ended up drinking it all, on the plus as it contained full fat coconut milk and a tbsp of peanut butter I left SO full! The menu here is great all round for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will definitely be back for more!

Photo from porch and parlour

Porch and Parlour – North Bondi

Bondi in my opinion has most of the hit healthy foodie spots in Sydney. You will never be lost or stuck for a healthy eatery in this trendy suburb. Porch and parlour has a beautiful menu accompanied by stunning coffee and a beaut of a coastal view, tick, tick ,tick! Photo (borrowed) from porch and Parlours Instagram says it all, I would have taken my own, only I was in good company and the priority to take a photo over good conversation slipped my mind, that’s right people, I was living in the moment!! Getting back on topic, this bowl is called The Green brekky bowl – Poached eggs, wilted kale & silverbeet, kimchi, avocado, mixed quinoa, roasted brussels, fresh herbs & lemon. Yum! Check it out, amongst all of the other goodies on the menu.

Circa Espresso – Paramatta

Well hot daymn! I’m blown away, this cafe is incredible.

I took the travel alllll the way to the western suburbs of Sydney, to Paramatta, via public transport and the hour long commute was totally worth it. I had heard from a few friends that Circa was a pretty sweet spot to eat, with many middle eastern style twists to some breakfast classics, then the coffee selection was incredible, saddened to hear that the cafe did not serve fresh almond milk, I desperately did not want to miss out on the bespoke crafted caffeine experience, so the morning of I whipped up a super creamy batch of almond and macadamia milk, Circa very kindly took my milk, steamed it and added it to there seasonal coffee blend, the taste was amazing!

Here I have vegan bowl – red lentil and chickpea falafel, broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, brussel sprouts on roasted pumpkin hummus, with two added poached eggs (vg, gf, df) Not your standard vegan bowl, the creamy Turkish style hummus, is just Devine, paired with roasted seasonal carrots, garnished with pistachios. If this cafe were closer I’d definitely be heading back on the regular, highly recommend this place if your down for incredible coffee and food with friendly and helpful staff. An all around winner!

Sea circus – Seminyak, bali, Indonesia –

You only have to look at this beauty to see that it truly is a bowl of goodness. This Nourish bowl from sea circus contains organic Kale, baby spinach, chickpeas, red quinoa, beetroot, carrot, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, avocado, purple cabbage, roasted pumpkin, toasted seeds, cashews with a lemon agave dressing, woweee, that’s a lot of nourishment! I have added grilled chicken and boy was it worth it!

Nude – Canggu, Bali, Indonesia –

This cute little café in Canggu, has many beautiful meals on the menu, It was rather difficult to pick just one meal off the menu. Here I ordered what is essentially a healthy full English breakfast, the ‘NAUGHTY NUDE’ which consist of Poached eggs, pork chorizo sausage, crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, avocado, crispy rosemary potatoes, baked beans and sourdough toast.

I must also add, how impressed I’ve been with the range of quality, fresh, homemade nut milks around Bali, having fresh almond milk on offer at nearly every café I visited was an absolute delight, It’s really these small things that make me happy. Coffee in Bali was incredible, a very rich, robust and aromatic taste, like nothing I’d quite tasted before. Bali Baristas really do it well, accompanied by perfect latte art, I found myself having 1-2 coffee’s a day as appose to my 3 a week! I’m on holidays, F it.

Motion café – Canggu -Bali – Indonesia –

Described as the ultimate fitness café, whatever your sport, fitness, physical ritual, you will most definitely find something here to suit your dietary preferences. I was honed to see paleo meals on the menu!

Not that this is all I eat but sometimes its nice to know that you can rest assured that you can easily pick something from a menu, you know you’ll enjoy and this bowl was incredible. I added a fair number of additional extras to bulk it out as the side menu too looked amazing, It was hard not to order one of everything!

This is the Paleo Beef and avocado salad – Australian beef tenderloin strips, poached eggs, grilled bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint, lettuce, pesto, pumpkin seeded crackers with a Paleo ranch dressing. I added Sweet potato and caramelised pumpkin. I think I could happily eat this every day, The steak was tender, the bacon was crispy, poached egg were runny and the veggies where all flavoursome and delicious!

When in Bali and staying loyal to your healthy lifestyle, most definitely check this place out.

The Source Bulk Foods:

If your conscious of doing your bit to help live a waste free sustainable life, bulk whole food stores, really are the way to go, not only do they source quality organic, local produce that you can refill and fill using compostable materials to contain your products and produce, they also contain some pretty delicious snacks and treats. Recently I received a gift box full of peppermint paleo bliss balls from the source bulk, they are so delicious and looking in store there are so many more tasty varieties.

This store along with many other bulk whole foods are my absolute dreamland as they truely show so much care and dedication to provide and source the highest quality products, not only foods but also soaps, shampoos, detergents, lunch boxes, oils, honey, vinegars, flours, teas, spices, nuts, you name it, if its natural, its likely they’ll have it. I highly recommend seeking out your closet whole foods store so you can contribute to a better more sustainable way of living.

Highbrations – Avalon –

Memories of the first time visiting this cafe with my bestie was on a rainy Sunday afternoon where we sat by the windowsill, shoes off, snuggling into a chai almond butter milk latte accompanied by a delicious slab of freshly baked banana bread, instantly I fell in love with this little yogi style gem of a cafe, If I lived closer I would most definitely be in debt spending all my time and money here. The menu is simple but nourishing, filled with delicious, medicinal ingredients. If your heading to palm beach for a day trip out, I highly recommend checking out this beautiful nook on the way.

PINDI – India, Delhi

My first dining experience in India was a good one. Pindi is famous for it’s butter chicken and as the restaurant has grown in popularity over the years, they’re are a few about the country, giving you that peace of mind that its very clean and the food quality is high – something you regularly look for around India. Here I had a standard chicken curry along with mixed vegetables. I was pleased to learn throughout my travels in India how fresh and local all the ingredients are, there really is no questioning where your foods comes from as every single ingredient is sourced from the local street markets, making flavours intense and so flavoursome. I loved every single meal I ate in India and eating curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner was quite frankly awesome, I loved it. There are so many traditions along with staple recipes, that I’m pleased to say I have brought back with me here in Australia. Nothing is wasted, everything is utilised and appreciated, in my opinion the way it should be. India does food, very, very well.

Nourish wholefood cafe – Avalon

Nourish Wholefoods has a very wide variety menu, available for every diet type going. I ordered the ‘paleo power bread’ and it did not disappoint. Freshly baked paleo bread in store, served with avocado, free range poached eggs, goats cheese and house made dukkah.

With so many options on the menu, I would highly recommend this cafe to families, couples and anyone with an intolerance and or dietary preference.

Lilah’s Kitchen – Lane cove

I kind of feel like the pictures do perfectly good justice to this restaurant as a whole. The food here at Lilah’s kitchen is incredible! Fresh and flavoursome food inspired by the Middle East. Myself and a few girlfriends hit this place up and ordered off the set menu, which gladly did not disappoint. Slow cooked lamb shoulder, cauliflower, pomegranate and tahini salad, Falafel, roasted eggplant, calamari and fresh bread with dips were just some of many exquisite plates we stuffed our faces with. Then to finish, we had the Baklava. Quite possibly one of my favourite desserts, filo pastry, layered with nuts, honey and spices, good god, can you imagine my delight when the waiter accidentally brought us an extra dessert. Highly recommend eating here for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Mr O Kitchen bar espresso – Hunter Valley

Hungry in the hunter? Mr O is a great spot along the main high street for local farm fresh foods, here they have quality produce and as you should know by now, I’m always on the lookout for the best nourish bowl on the block and here it is. This is the Farm bowl with kale, quinoa, aged ham, sauerkraut, avocado, turmeric cauliflower, micro greens and a poached egg. A great kick start to an entire day of drinking.

Maggio’s – Cammeray

This cute little cafe and bakery in Cammeray is a weekend hit. you’ll find locals lining up down the street to get a table for breakfast and lunch, eagerly awaiting the quality Italian style produce. As far as a healthy bowl goes, this is likely one of the healthiest! The Green bowl served at Maggio’s contains Kale, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, green peas, roasted mixed nuts, radishes, avocado, black sesame seeds, fresh lemon juice and a poached egg. All things Keto, Paleo, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. How good?!

Mosman Rowers – Mosman –

This sweet little spot on Mosman marine is just stunning. I sat out on the deck overlooking the water and view was beautiful, an incredible start to the day accompanied by a simple nourishing breakfast- Halloumi toast, mixed tomatoes, avocado and lemony poached eggs.

MOMO whole foods cafe – Newcastle –

A two day trip with 3 visits to MOMO whole foods cafe, because it really is THAT GOOD! I was so impressed by this cafe, the space is an old converted bank with high ceilings, sunshine pouring into the windows and botanicals everywhere. Followed by the menu containing all fresh vegetarian delights with an influence of Tibetan and Indian meals as well as your traditional favourites such as crumpets, porridge and toast. Happy to say there were eggs! But if you know me well you’ll know how happy I am when I see homemade nut milks on the menu, so this was always going to be a five star review for me as soon as I saw this on the menu. Already, I know there ethics are good.

WHAT I ATE: Drinks – Fresh almond milk latte, I had a cappuccino the second day and a mushroom and cacao tonic with coconut milk. Eating – Raw tahini slice, coconut rice porridge and a winter bowl with poached eggs.

The grumpy baker – Bellevue Hill

Yes, I can already guess what you’re thinking – WOW. I think thats about all that can be said, for this this Shakshuka for two was perfect and quite frankly could have been enough for one given my appetite. Included in this beautiful middle eastern style brunch plate are, Israeli style baked eggs in a tomato and capsicum sauce, served with house cured salmon, feta cheese, ferments, olives, Israeli salad, labneh, guacamole and freshly baked sourdough toast, straight from the oven at eh grumpy baker bakery in Bellevue Hill.

There appear to be plenty of locations around Sydney, I would highly recommend visiting the closest bakery and cafe near you.

Millers kitchen – Cammeray –

The Nourish bowl from Millers kitchen is quite possibly, the best I’ve ever had. Now, I understand that’s quite a bold statement to make, but hear out the ingredients – pickled vegetables, quinoa, avocado, sesame seeds, roasted carrots, kale, corn, dukkah & sweet
potato hummus. This may sound very basic to some but the sweet potato hummus, accompanied by the fermented veg is so delicious. Millers kitchen offer three tasty varieties of goodness bowls, all are filled with local fresh produce and cooked in olive oil. This was one big driver for me, as soon as I saw olive oil being used to marinate the salad, I knew the chefs showed some consideration about flavour and quality over cost and profit. I plan on heading back here soon to try out the remaining two goodness bowls the cafe has on offer – The green bowl and the beetroot bowl.

Mentmore and Morely – Rosebery –

This tucked away cafe in the sweet spot of Rosebery is great for quality coffee and breakfast. The pork knuckle on the menu really had me, but I had to keep my appetite up for a second breakfast that was soon to follow later on in the morning (see post below) here I have the green goodness bowl – two poached eggs, kale, spinach, black barley, avocado, pickled papaya, Brussel sprouts with a tahini and olive oil dressing. Also great to check out the Canary opposite the road whilst your here, more shops, markets and restaurants to explore in the converted warehouse on Mentmore avenue.

Cornersmith Eatery – Annandale

Cornersmith runs a cafe, Cooking School and The Picklery, and we also have cookbooks and sell our own preserves. We’re committed to making good food choices, and we want to share our knowledge with our community and beyond. 

The cafes that gives it all! Not only providing quality wholesome food, corner smith offer cooking classes and a huge variety of their own baked goods, jared pickles and ferments. As this was my second breakfast of the morning, I decided to go with another salad – Roasted cauliflower salad with housemade pickles, fresh rocket, roasted carrot, shaved almonds, pearl couscous with a lemon tahini dressing, plus I added a poached egg. I will also add that there cacao and beetroot brownie is out of the world, soft, earthy, rich and fresh, one of the best raw brownies I’ve had in a while.


Fine Fish – Neutral Bay –

This dinner marks a special one for me as it was the last time I would be seeing my good friend Alice before she travelled back home to Taiwan, we managed to squeeze in a wholesome dinner at Fine fish, a small local fish restaurant super close to home, yet I had never even heard of it!? Everything here is cooked in olive oil, much to my delight there are no nasty processed oil in this dinner meal.

Here I have the salmon with chimichurri and the girls have barramundi with salsa verde, our side game of veggies was pretty strong here and I’m delighted to say they were all delicious! Roasted sweet potato with quinoa, chermoula & goats cheese, carrots, feta and salsa verde, then parmesan and seemed broccoli with lemon sealed the deal on a truly incredible meal with some wonderful friends.

Devon cafe – Surry Hills –

Trying out this cafe for breakfast a few times with friends I had the opportunity to check out their lunch menu with a friend just recently, both keen for some rare bloody steak we both chose the Wagu D rump steak, with hash potato, portobello mushroom, black garlic and peppercorn sauce, topped with cress, this steak was hands down THE BEST steak I’ve ever had, anywhere, ever. Thats a pretty bold statement to make and I’ve been to some top end steak houses, sometimes its not the fanciest, most expensive meal that makes it truly the best, just sometimes, you will find that hidden gem with a chief that has a true passion and talent cooking what they know and love and on this occasion it was exactly that and we both gave our appreciation to the chief as this meal was phenomenal.

Ruben Hills – Surry Hills

When I’m not drooling over the counter at the sight of the amazing cookies in Ruben Hills, I find myself scouring the menu for my foodie fix and this ‘Hills Salad’ was so delicious and filling, with beetroot hummus, leek, corn, quinoa, kale, watercress, tomato, plantain chips a citrus dressing and sunny side up fried eggs, I was very happy with my breakfast this morning. 

Going back a few years now, I once had one of the salted pretzel and Nutella filled cookie, I think the description says it all, there’s certainly something for everyone here in this urban, concrete coffee joint. 

MECCA COFFEE – Alexandria –

Alexandria is known for some pretty amazing foodie spots and I can safely say I have had the privilege to visit a few, MECCA coffee is one of them and whilst I had only visited before for coffee, this time around I sat in with a friend on a rainy day beside the windowsill, cozied up with a hot brewing cup of coffee, this is were rainy days are the best, reminds me so much of the uk, you make the best of what you have and sometimes a good meal, coffee and some quality company is all your soul needs on a sleepy Sunday morning. 

Here, I have a Brassicas salad, roast cauliflower, kale, herbs and greens, chickpeas, pepitas, hazelnuts and drizzled in a tahini dressing, MECCA offer a great variety of coffee blends, I had a standard cappuccino with my homemade almond milk – Just what I needed after a heavy night out. 

Supply – Coffs Harbour –

My first time in Coffs Harbour and I’m on the lookout for the hotspots to eat, SUPPLY came highly recommended and their menu looked great, as soon as I saw the words ‘Harvest bowl’ I was sold. Inside this goodness bowl are greens, carrot, ginger, avocado, seasonal veggies such as red and golden beetroot, sauerkraut, pumpkin hummus, pickles, black sesame and I’ve added two beautiful poached eggs. I can tell you now this tasted as good as it looks.

KEPOS Street Kitchen – Redfern –

My favourite cuisine is Lebanese and Kepos kitchen is exactly that with a huge variety of delicious middle eastern style dishes, I had to go with the ‘Falafel for breakfast’ falafel, hummus, tomato, labneh, hard boiled egg and pickled chilli. This plate is everything I love and my goodness it is beyond filling, so many quality nourishing fats and beautiful spices and aromas, I highly recommend this breakfast plate as well as the traditional Shakshuka – soft baked eggs, tomato, capsicum, tahini and toast, Devine! My girlfriends were also very happy with their pitas.