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Sweet potato sub

Ok, so who honestly walks past a subway and gets that instant desire for a subway sandwich?! You walk past the store and smell the fresh bread – it’s HEAVEN.

I know however for me, recently the idea is way better than the reality.

Eating clean for so long and generally fulling my body with nourishing ‘real, fresh wholefoods’ when I tend to eat a processed food, I feel really disappointed, it’s not as good as I remembered and it doesn’t taste real – bland flavours, stale textures and so on.

So, what does one do when you have this craving? Something wholesome and filling, but also good for me – Go make it your damn self!

I can assure you, once you buy yourself a waffle iron you will see the possibilities are endless with what you can make and create! When I brought the waffle iron, it was primarily to make sweet waffles and I think I’ve make them once in the year that I’ve had it, every other recipe has been savoury.

This waffle sandwich is actually beyond easy to make and all in all takes about 2minutes to cook and just about the same time to prep.

You can fill this beauty with whatever you would usually fill a sandwich with, mine includes;

• Kale

• Avocado

• Free range/organic Pork sausage

• Homemade paleo Ketchup

• Portobello Mushrooms

• Fried egg

Il be honest, like my tortillas, I pack them WAY too full with all the things, so realistically, everything falls out as soon as I pick it up because I’m like a kid in a candy store and I can’t seem to understand balance! So, these are a lot of ingredients to have in one sandwich but as I’m greedy I make it work, however if you want to add less and enjoy your food without it falling out all over your lap/plate then I do recommend adding less.

Step 1:

  • To prepare your Sweet potato ‘sandwich’ you first need to finely grate a small sweet potato – Skin on or off its completely up to you.
  • Add the grated sweet potato to a bowl and add a cracked egg. Mix the egg and sweet potato together.
  • Add some flavour – This could be paprika, mixed herbs, chilli sauce, Cajun spice, garlic, whatever you like or if you’d rather, just leave it plain.
  • Heat up your waffle iron and pour the ingredients when the iron has reached its optimal cooking temperature.
  • Wait around 2 minutes to cook
  • When cooked leave to cool and rest for around 2 minutes

Step 2:


Get your greens in!

Here I’ve added lightly fried kale in coconut oil, you can add whatever green leaf you like.

See Below how I’ve built up each layer

As I mentioned above sometimes ‘more is less’ as the sweet potato is so soft and delicate, cramming too many fillings inside will definitely make this sub difficult to eat, personally I would limit your filling to 3 ingredients per sandwich, to make your life a little cleaner and easier.

If you have any creative ideas on ways to build this super sub please comment and let me know your thoughts.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own Paleo ketchup to add to your sandwich please scroll through the savoury list on the homepage to find the recipe. Or click the link to take you there:


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