The goodness behind the Green…….

A brief introductory of myself starts like this;

My name is Jodie Green (by name and nature) AND I like EATING! Need I say much more?

Well if you’re truly interested, there is a lot more to me than the talents of eating like a ravenous bear after hibernation. It just so happens when I was young I actually HATED food, up until the age of 19 I had a very bad diet and outlook on food.

Despite growing up in the sport of gymnastics, a ‘healthy diet’ that people expected me to have was non existent, I was that fussy child that ate the same food everyday because I had such anxiety with all foods, eating out, trying new flavours and textures used to bring me into complete panic and just the thought of going to a friends house after school would freak me out, my mum would either pick me up before dinner or call my friends parents and tell them specifically what I would eat – usually this was plain pizza with all the toppings scraped off.

I ate NO vegetables, the only fruit I ate was Granny Smith apples and my staple lunch box consisted of all the white goods such as white bread and margarine spread, dry crackers, crisps/chips and a homemade cake that my mum would religiously make each Sunday for the week.

So what changed?

At the age of 19 I dated a personal trainer who’s diet was squeaky clean, over a slow process he encouraged me to try new foods, combine foods together and I began to learn and love this whole new experience of eating! I went from trying one vegetable, to 5 then, ALL the vegetables, I would have breakfast, soup, porridge, gravy, smoothies, all the things I missed out on as a child because I was so scared to try them.

After starting CrossFit in 2013 I heard a lot of talk about paleo challenges within the gym, I remember asking people what is a Paleo diet and when told, NO GRAINS, NO DAIRY, NO REFINED SUGAR, basically all the food you like is a no go, I thought, how do people eat this way? That’s impossible and how the hell is that an enjoyable way to eat????

But training within a supportive community, I started to adopt some of the paleo diets influences and I liked the way I felt, I started making healthier food choices with plant based alternatives and it wasn’t that difficult. I loved cooking and experimenting so it was fun and creative for me. Mum always cooked from scratch when we where kids, therefore I always saw her in the kitchen, baking and cooking from memory. I see now this had a massive influence of me.

Moving to Sydney Australia gave me a whole new insight on eating….. the food culture was massive! I remember thinking why is breakfast such a big deal here?! Why do people line up outside tiny cafes for food?! And what’s so good about coffee? A friend took me out for my first Sydney breakky at FOUR ATE FIVE in Surry Hills – GAME CHANGER – The flavours, the atmosphere, all the menu options, overwhelmed me and not a single full English breakfast in sight! I wanted to try everything on the menu!

I started researching highly recommended places to eat – Sydney’s urban list, scrolling through Instagram, asking friends there recommendations so that every Sunday I had a different place to eat. I would travel up to a hour across the city for my Sunday breakfast fix and I loved it! I would get so much influence from these cafe menu’s that I started to create my own recipes at home and I guess that leads me to now.

So, after my not so brief life story, this is it, you’re looking at it, this is the Goodness Green blog. Recipes I like, places I love to eat and my bit on saving the planet 🙂