Meal prep explained..

A how to guide to get you started into organising your grocery shop and meal preparation.

I decided to write an ebook based around one of the things in my life that I’m consistently successful at, that is meal preparation.

There’s something quite satisfying and complacent knowing that you have meals on hand whenever you need them, there’s no need to walk aimlessly around the supermarket after work or the gym, wondering about what you fancy to eat, grabbing a bunch of ingredients, only to have them sat in your pantry or kitchen either rotting or gathering dust.

Productivity is key when it comes to organising your meals and being fuelled when you’re on the go.

I’ve designed a short and simple ebook that demonstrates ways you can start planning towards organising yourself to save money, eliminate food waste and give you more time. Inside this ebook, you’ll select the days and times that work for you to organise the meals that you enjoy eating, along with additional information on food sustainability, how to build a meal using my suggested 4 core food groups along with resources to inspire your cooking style.

Email the address below to order your copy of ‘ready, set, prep’ for only $12.99AUD to start your organised way of eating.

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